When you travel to Istanbul, do not miss to go to Cappadoccia. Locally known as Kapadokya, this place is actually near the city of Nevsehir.Siatuated at south east of Istanbul,

Cappadoccia has  unique rock formation that is naturally made , believed from an ancient volcano eruption and later shaped by wind thousands years ago. Ancient prople also carved the rock and explore the caves there to stay or as monastries, halls and even for feast.

My experience, once you step your foot here, I can’t believe i am still on earth. I thought i already on Mars. lol.

istanbul to cappadoccia

How to go from Istanbul to Cappadoccia?

There are 4 mode of transportation from Istanbul to Cappadoccia.




1) By bus.

This is the cheapest because you can travel overnight and save budget on accommodation. Take an express bus from Istanbul Bus Station direct to Cappadoccia. Bus fare is about 65 Turkish Lira, or about RM85 / 24 USD.

I took Metro Bus, depart at 8.00 pm and reach Nevsehir Bus Station at 7.30 am. Then i transit to another bus to Cappdoccia and reach the small city of Cappadoccia at about 8.30 am. Just nice for you to put your bag in your hotel / hostel and go sightseeing the place.

The same way if you want to leave Cappdoccia back to Istanbul or to another place. Normally tourist choose to go to Pamukkale from Cappadoccia or vise versa.  Means, from Istanbul –  Cappadoccia – Pamukkale – Istanbul or

Istanbul – Pamukkale – Cappadoccia – Istanbul.


2) Flight

Travel by flight save a lot of time. Faster but more expensive compared to bus. You need to pay for flight fare and also extra accommodation in Cappadoccia since you arrive early.  😀

Currently there are 3 airline going to Cappadoccia. Turkish airline which is more expensive, Pegasus Arline, a lower cost carrier and AtlasJet, another los cost turkish arline. You can choose the destination of either Nevsehir or Kayseri, both almost the same distance to Cappadoccia. From the airport, you can take a taxi or rent a car to explore cappadoccia.



There is no direct train from Istanbul to Cappadoccia or even to Nevsehir or Kayseri. You need to take a high speed train to Konya. From there, you can take a bus or rent a car to Cappadoccia.

I found this mode of transportation more tedious, unless you purposely want to drop by Konya.


4) By car

If you have a car, or rent a car in Istanbul, of course you can drive to Cappadoccia. It is 8 hour drive and by using map or google map, it will be a lot easier.


What to do in Cappdoccia?

If you do not have enough time, allocate at least 2 days here.

Day 1

– Go to Open Air Museum, Rose Valley, Pasabag and enjoy sunset over the hill of a subset spot there.

You can walk to Open Air but you need a transport to go to Rose Valley and Pasabag. Rent a car, rent a motorbike or take a return taxi to go there. Else, take Red Tour package that covers all these destinations.


Day 2

– if you have the budget, take a hot ballon trip. The fare varies from 75 euro – 150 euro (RM290 – RM581) depending on the skill of the driver and either you take first round or the second. The first roubd is better because you can enjoy sunrise view.



As in my case, i do not have the budget. So i just go to the site to shoot photos.

Then, you can take Green Tour package. The trip will bring you to Selime Monastery, Derinkuyuu Underground City, trekking at Ihlara Valley that is said to be the second largest canyon after Grand Canyon di USA, Pigeon Valley and onyx factory.



selime monastery

If you have extra time, take Blue Tour on Day 3. For me, i spent 2 days only there.